Project Phases

•Design Meeting: I meet with potential client (on site if possible) to learn and discuss the purpose of the project and what the project is to include. Learn the client’s approximate budget, and after reviewing relevant municipality permit requirements online, prepare a proposal of services.

•Design Phase: With the agreement signed, I meet with client to review scope of design going room by room to determine room necessities, relationship to other rooms, and overall desired appearance of the exterior elevation. If available, review any client provided cut sheets with photos that graphically show their likes (and dislikes). Design preliminary floor plans and exterior elevations.

•Design Development Phase: I meet with client to review Design Phase drawings, and discuss revisions as needed. With client’s approval of Design Phase refine the floor plans and exterior elevation drawings, and prepare a site plan placing the project on site to show orientation and project fitment within the required setbacks and easements. Drawings may include building sections to verify height restriction compliance and show volume of spaces.

•Working Drawing Phase:

1. I begin work on permit/construction drawings. This would include adding notes and dimensions to the plans and exterior elevations, adding general notes and project data (as required by the municipality), prepare electrical layout drawings (locate light fixtures, outlets, etc.), building sections, and if dictated by the scope of work for the project interior elevation and construction details.

2. With this phase, the drawings would be sufficient for contractor “pricing”, and to submit to a Structural Engineer for his work. Depending on the scope of the project, the Structural Engineer would prepare a foundation plan with dimensions, notes, etc. and provide details locating necessary steel reinforcing. Produce floor and roof framing layouts locating necessary beams and supporting columns with details showing framing connections. General notes calling out the specific requirements of the concrete, wood, and steel to withstand wind and bearing loads per code.

3. When pricing from the contractor and the structural engineering drawings are completed, I discuss with the client any “value engineering” decisions (cost cutting measures) if needed and finalize the drawings.

4. I would review the architectural drawings for completeness (redline set review), review the structural drawings to verify they agree with the architecture drawings (dimensions, window and door openings match, etc.).

•Permit Phase:

1. With all drawings and all permit submittal documents completed (the client, or I if included the scope of work), would submit the Permit package to the municipality. This process can take several weeks while they review the project for code compliance.

2. During this time, the client would go through a selection process of choosing paint colors, flooring, cabinets, lighting fixtures, etc.

3. I would address any additional municipality comments (backcheck items), as needed.

4. Contractor would pull permit for construction when it is ready.

•Construction Phase: I would be available for questions by the client, contractor, or structural engineer throughout the construction phase, as needed.