Q. Do you have a signature style?

I do not. Having said that, I have often been asked or have worked on homes that have a Colorado mountain look. I have also worked on several Tuscan style home designs, and I find I do like the style as it has a warm and homey feel. More recently, I have worked on modern style homes as that seems to be popular these days, partially because the design better accommodates more stringent height and solar restriction requirements.

Q. Who will design my project?

I am a sole proprietor office, so I do the work on all phases of a project, including design.

Q. How do you charge?

I prefer to charge on an hourly basis, with the rate dependent on the complexity of the project. However, while billing on an hourly basis I will usually add a not to exceed amount so the Client knows what the cap on the fee will be. The cap may make my fee a little higher than others, however I believe this method is most fair to all concerned, because it provides me an opportunity to work with the client on refining the design and make minor adjustments to the program as needed, but if the project gets completed earlier the client also benefits.

Q. Can you provide three-dimensional drawings?

Yes. I can! I can do a simple massing model with shades and shadows without colors, or I can do a full rendering with color, landscaping, people, and cars, etc.

Q. Why do I need an architect?

Actually, an Architect is not always required to produce design and drawings for building permits on homes, however it is becoming increasingly more common by homeowner associations and building departments. Many home designers are also quite capable, but what separates a licensed Architect from a home designer is that the state recognizes that an Architect has the education and training to do so by having passed a very comprehensive State licensing exam

Q. What makes you a good architect?

I would say that my many years in the business has provided me many diverse project experiences in many different municipalities that I can transfer to my clients. Whether it is a custom home, remodel, or addition. Large or small. Also, the fact that I enjoy the whole process of interacting with the client designing and drawing projects, and being a sole proprietor allows me to be involved throughout the entire process rather than passing the project off to a subordinate.

Q. What is the estimated timeline for my project?

The timeline will depend on several factors; the size of the project, the project type, how quickly the client is ready to move forward, or the timing in my own schedule. Also, the planning and building department in each municipality has their own method in processing permits that can impact a schedule. It is less stressful and allows the clients to better enjoy the process if they have some flexibility in their schedule.

Q. How does the design process work?


In simple terms:
  • Project coordination: Meet with the client and review their project goals
  • Design phase: Prepare preliminary floor plans and exterior elevations
  • Design Development phase: Refine the designs after reviewing the preliminary designs with the clients and adding more information
  • Working drawings phase: Prepare drawings for permit and construction with notes, dimensions, and additional drawings and coordinate with consultants as needed.
  • Construction coordination phase (if requested): Job site visits with client and/or contractor to review project in progress.

Please review my "Project Process" document on this website.


Q. What is and isn't included in your fee?


Generally, it will include the following:
  • All client coordination and meetings
  • Verifying the permit requirements of the municipality for the project lot (as each will have their own process), as well as, checking to see if there is a homeowner's associations (do they have an Architect Review Committee process?)
  • The design and drawing process (Project Coordination, Design, Design Development, Working Drawings, Project Coordination)

I don't do: Interior design (selection of colors and finishes, furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.), site surveys, soils reports, or structural engineering, however I can help the client coordinate for such work. Essentially, it depends on the client's needs. It can be as simple as assisting the client to refine their remodel design for permit up through site visits to review construction progress.


Q. Do you stay involved during the construction process?

I can if the client would like. Whether they do or not could depend on a few things. How familiar are they with the building process themselves, how complex is the project, and how confident are they with their contractor? It becomes a matter of trust. Does the client feel comfortable that the contractor will produce the results for the agreed upon budget? That is why it is important that the client thoroughly interview contractors, their history, past work, and references. Once construction is underway if the client has design questions or wants confirmation that their project going to plan, I can always be available on an additional service basis should the need arise