John, whoes French last name Bonvouloir means "goodwill", has over 35 years of experience designing, developing designs, and producing drawings for buildings in and around Nederland, Boulder, Denver, and throughout Colorado. His cumulative work in the residential field spans projects from custom homes, and remodels to speculative homes, product housing, and multi-family for production builders.

John grew up in Vermont and when an Architect was engaged to help with an addition to the family home, it planted the seed of an idea to John's future career. Now, as a registered Architect, since 1993, he stays current with his continuing education, is diligent with the ever-changing codes and restrictions in each municipality he works in, respects the client's budget, and utilizes current design software to produce accurate and comprehensive drawings.

John's technical expertise helps him develop design concepts and work through details to make sure the design becomes a reality. John considers this process similar to solving a complex 3D puzzle, and he derives great satisfaction seeing the completed project, knowing that the clients are happy with the final results, and have received more than what they expected.

John currently lives in Nederland, CO with his wife Annie. In his spare time he and Annie enjoy getting together with their son Jay participating in SCCA's autocross program."

John’s career has been spent primarily working for other architecture firms, therefore, his portfolio consists primarily of work associated with those firms. With permission from each of them, John has provided credit to the appropriate firm to each applicable image.

KGA Studio Architects

Sopher Sparn Architects, LLC

Architectural Partnership, Inc.

RL Morton & Associates, PC

The Blackline Studio